Lil Uzi Vert wants to implant a Pink Diamond in his face

Lil Uzi Vert gets diamond implanted in forehead

US rapper Lil Uzi Vert has stunned fans by getting a huge pink diamond implanted into his face. The Money Longer star had the gem – which is apparently worth a whopping $24 million (£17.5 million) – surgically embedded in his forehead. He showed off his new bling in a short video on Instagram, which was captioned: “Beauty is pain.”

The artist, 26, shared in a series of posts on Twitter that he had been paying for the diamond for years and that it was “millions”. He told fans the jewel was close to 11 carats and that it was his favourite possession – as well as being his most expensive purchase ever. “I’ve been paying for a natural pink diamond from Elliot for years now,” he wrote. The Eternal Atake rapper – whose real name is Symere Bysil Woods – shared last month that he had been making payments for the large rock from Eliantte & Co. “This one Stone cost so much I’ve been paying for it since 2017. The rapper’s new accessory sparked a bit of a debate on social media, with some fans saying it was “on fire” and looked “amazing” but others questioning the move. The rapper would respond to fan questions about the diamond, explaining that the large stone was a whopping 10-11 karats. He added that it cost more than all his cars together, plus his home.