Moderna says the coronavirus vaccine is more than 94% effective

Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine, the preliminary Phase 3 study data shows that it is more than 94% effective in preventing Covid-19. Moderna developed the vaccine in collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. The company said that an analysis evaluated 95 confirmed Covid-19 infections among the 30,000 participants in the study. Covid-19 was observed in the 90 volunteers from the placebo group and 5 vaccinated participants and returned an efficacy rate of 94.5%. The double-dose vaccine, developed by American biotechnology company Moderna, has been tested in the United States on 30,000 people and has proven to be safe so far.

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel said the development was a “very important moment.” The company said that this is a crucial moment in the development of COVID-19 vaccine candidates and since early January the company has been tracking the virus to protect the world. The company also said that there were no serious safety concerns, vaccine additions were generally safe and tolerated, and most of the participants’ adverse events were mild or it was displayed as moderate. Side effects included pain at the injection site and fatigue, muscle aches, and headaches after the second dose. Last week, similar announcement was made by Pfizer’s late-stage Covid-19 vaccine trial also.