Mohammad Azharuddin reinstated as Hyderabad Cricket Association President by Ombudsman

Mohammad Azharuddin reinstated as Hyderabad Cricket Association President

Mohammed Azharuddin was on Sunday re-instated as President of the Hyderabad Cricket Association by Ombudsman Justice (retd) Deepak Verma, who also “temporarily disqualified” five members of the Apex Council, which had suspended the former India captain.

In an interim order, the HCA Ombudsman temporarily disqualified five members of the HCA Apex Council –K John Manoj, Vice President, R Vijayanand, Naresh Sharma, Surender Agarwal, Anuradha. The Apex Council had “suspended” Azharuddin for alleged violation of its constitution. Allegations of Conflict of Interest were levelled against Azharuddin. Justice (retd) Verma in his order pointed out that the complaint against Azharuddin was not forwarded to Ombudsman and in effect has no legal validity. Regarding the five Apex Council members, Justice Verma in the order said, “I would like to make it clear that, just because these five members believe on their own accord that I am not ombudsman does not take away my powers which are now been confirmed by the High Court judgment and the minutes of the 85th AGM as well. It is for this reason and reasons mentioned above, I hereby direct that these members are temporarily disqualified from performing their duties as office bearers of the Apex Council till the time these Complaints attain finality”.