NASA has announced a delay in the return of Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft from the International Space Station

New York: Indian-origin Sunita Williams and fellow passenger Butch Wilmore will return to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard Boeing’s Starliner probe. The return journey has been delayed due to some technical issues and checks. But NASA has not released the new date.

The return journey of Sunita Williams and Butch Wilmore was scheduled for the 26th of this month. The spacecraft will return after six hours. Passengers will land in the Utah desert in New Mexico using parachutes. Starliner went to ISS on June 5 after being postponed many times due to technical problems. It reached the station after overcoming problems including helium gas leakage during the journey.

It was the first manned Starliner test mission and NASA’s first commercial space mission. Since 2019, the spacecraft has conducted crewed tests without astronauts twice. The spacecraft docked with the ISS on the 6th. NASA describes the Starliner’s undocking and return to Earth with passengers as the most complex phase of the experiment.

The problems found in the valve and the helium leak are all hindering the return journey. The probe should be thoroughly inspected before returning. At this point you can find out if you are ready for the journey. It is learned that the procedures to check the malfunctions of the thrusters have also been started.