Netflix announces free subscription for 2 days in India

Netflix is going to give people in India free for two days streaming on its platform. This means that the users can watch any show or series of their choice without entering the card details or buying the subscription. Netflix will host Streamfest on December 5 and 6 where anyone can log in to Netflix and watch movies, TV shows, documentaries and more. Netflix StreamFest will start exactly at December 5 at 12.01 am and end on December 6 at 11:59 pm. Netflix will allow one stream in standard definition (SD) on StreamFest. Unlike how Netflix streaming works, this one will allow only one user to stream from one account. You can create one through this link or by downloading the Android app. Creating a Netflix account is limited to its Android app and browser but you can stream it from any device.  You can also set a reminder for StreamFest with your email address or phone number through the same link. In addition to free streaming, StreamFest also gives you access to all of Netflix features such as profiles, parental controls, create lists, download movies and shows. Users who register for streamfest will be able to browse the content on Netflix will be able to stream the app on their smart TV, gaming console, iOS, and Android apps and on the PC. NIt’s most likely that Netflix will witness a huge surge in traffic with free streaming available to everyone in India. Netflix said it will limit the number of StreamFest viewers but it hasn’t specified the limitations yet. It will also display a message saying “StreamFest is at capacity” if it reaches the maximum number of viewers. You will still be notified when you can start streaming again. Earlier in October, the company had announced that Streamfest will let all users stream for 48 hours on Netflix at no cost. Earlier this year, Netflix had stopped offering a 30-day free trial in India. The company then stopped offering a free trial in all the other markets.