Pakistan lifts ban on Tik Tok, Now Tik Tok is available in Pakistan!

After India, the Chinese short video app Tik Tok was banned in Pakistan last week. Tick ​​Tock was the second most used app in Pakistan after Facebook and WhatsApp. Anyway, now that ban has been lifted. The announcement was made by the Pakistan Telecom Authority. There are reports that Chinese pressure is behind the lifting of the ban. The Pakistan Telecom Authority has banned Tik Tok in the name of immoral and obscene content. The ban showed that despite giving the notice to resolve the issues, it was not possible.

The Pakistan Telecom Authority (PCA) has said it has lifted the ban following assurances from Tik Tok authorities. It says it has been assured that it will block consumers from continuing to spread obscene and immoral content and will enforce restrictions in accordance with local laws.

Tik Tok was banned in Pakistan 10 days ago following widespread complaints that it was preparing a platform for immoral and indecent videos. However, a Tik Tok appeal was lodged with the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority. The new step is to acknowledge this. Tik Tok has assured that it will strictly abide by local laws in Pakistan. It is estimated that 20 million active users use Tik Tok every month in Pakistan. Tik Tok is the third most downloaded app in Pakistan in the last 12 months.