Parabrahma Ayurvedic Research Centre acquired licence from the Singapore Government

Parabrahma's Licence issued by Singapore Government

Parabrahma Ayurvedic Research Centre has got licence from the Singapore Government. Now the centre can import, export, manufacture and sell all of its products in Singapore. Regarding this, Parabrahma has started a company in Singapore. In Singapore, already there is high demand for the immunity booster to resist Covid 19 and also for the Diabetic Cure, to cure diabetes.

Meanwhile, in UAE, Parabrahma Centre receives a lot of orders for the Diabetic Cure medicines. The Centre has decided to start production units in UAE and the rulers has provided 100 acres of land to Parabrahma for the same. Zakir Akhtar, one of the members in the royal family has expressed his gratitude to Parabrahma publicly as some members in the royal family were suffering from diabetes for almost one and a half decade and got cured using the formula Diabetic cure. In India, the main manufacturing unit of Parabrahma Ayurvedic Research Centre is in Alappuzha, Kerala.

In December 2020, Parabrahma manufactured Diabetic Cure, the one and only remedy for Diabetes. Diabetic cure can cure diabetes naturally within six months. One tin powder is for one month and the costs of one tin is Rs 10,000. The company is also providing cash back guarantee, if the disease is not cured. Diabetes is a disease which can affect almost all organs in the human body including eyes, heart, liver and other organs. Some organs could be amputated as a side effect of this disease. Director of Parabrahma ayurvedic research centre, Shine Mukundan guarantees the ability of diabetic cure to cure this disease permanently. It is not like insulin or like any other pills, the diabetic cure is made up of natural formula only and can cure a deadly disease like diabetes.