The swing – New scenic art installation launched in Sharjah

A new art installation, 'The Swing' unveiled at Al Noor Island

Al Noor Island, Sharjah’s picturesque eco-architectural destination, has unveiled a new art installation to its collection. Titled ‘The Swing’, commissioned work by Emirati Artist Azza Al Qubaisi is inspired and born out of the local culture and heritage. Shaped by seven abstract pieces of rusted mild steel and stainless steel, with Ghaf and palm tree leaves cut on them, ‘The Swing’ features immersive and sustainable art that reflects the past and the present of the UAE.

The Swing is exactly what it sounds like – a large swing that allows visitors to take a seat and savour the vista of the Sharjah skyline. New and old materials were used to create the installation, representing the past and present. The piece comprises seven pieces of steel with ghaf and palm tree leaves cut into the sides and, according to the artist, represents the anxious wait Emirati women had to endure waiting for their husbands to return from pearl harvests out in the ocean. Reflecting on the UAE’s past and heritage, the installation is a place of reflection and offers expats and citizens a place to consider the strides the UAE has taken in the impressive past few decades. Next to mild steel that develops a rusted patina over time, the artist has also placed stainless steel, allowing the surrounding trees and bushes to reflect on the installation during the day.

Once the sun sets, ‘The Swing’ is illuminated by lights embedded in the surrounding landscape and the indirectly lit walkways leading to the piece invites visitors to discover this secretly hidden getaway on the island.