PM Modi becomes the most popular leader on Twitter with 7 crore followers


PM Narendra Modi has once again become the most popular leader on microblogging platform Twitter, with his followers exponentially rising to 7 crores. His followers even exceed that of US President Joe Biden, who just has 3.09 followers on the platform. Before PM Modi, this title was registered in the name of Trump, but after the Twitter account of former US President Donald Trump was suspended earlier this year, PM Modi’s name went to the top of the list of popular leaders on the micro-blogging site.

During the time of former US President Donald Trump, who has got nearly 8.87 crore people following him, PM Modi was at second position in the list of active leaders of the world. At that time, nearly 6 crore 47 lakh people were following PM Modi. PM Modi has been one of the most searched politicians on various social media sites including Twitter, Youtube and Google in 2020. A report published by Checkbrand in November 2020 stated that PM Modi was the most popular politician on the social media in the country as he led the highest number of trends on platforms like Twitter, Google Search and YouTube during August to October period. The report also stated that brand value in monetary terms basis the engagement and followers for Prime Minister Modi stood at Rs 3.36 billion (Rs 336 crore) in 2020.