Pooja Devi – the first woman passenger bus driver in Jammu and Kashmir

Pooja Devi, first woman bus driver from Jammu and Kashmir

A new history was made – the mother of two is the first woman bus driver from Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir has got its first woman bus driver who drives passenger bus on the Jammu-Kathua road, inspiring many women into the profession. Pooja Devi, basically a driving trainer, adopted this profession because of her passion to become a professional driver. The lady driver is receiving an overwhelming response from the people on every stop enroute Kathua or back to Jammu.

She pursued her passion for becoming a driver professionally despite the opposition from the family and relatives. “My family did not support me initially. But, I am not educated enough to choose any other job, and this suits me. I used to drive a taxi to learn how to drive commercial vehicles. I also drove a truck in Jammu,” she told. She is also accompanied by her toddler son by her side when she is driving the bus through the not so friendly terrine.

According to her becoming a bus driver not only fulfills her dream but also helps her to support her family. “I was getting Rs 10000 per month as a trainer from a reputed driving institution in Jammu. When I got a heavy driving license, I approached the union and they trusted my skills by handing over a passenger bus to drive on Jammu-Kathua road,” she told. Devi said that her family was financially weak and it was one of the factors that she had to come out to earn.