Rising divorce rate linked to women going for Jobs: Ex-pakistan cricketer Saeed Anwar

Former Pakistani cricketer Saeed Anwar’s statement that women go to work is the reason for the rise in divorce rate is in controversy. A video in which Anwar says that the increasing participation of women in the workplace has led to an increase in divorces has been widely circulated on social media. He also said that divorce cases in Pakistan have increased by about 30 percent in the last three years.

Saeed said that with financial security, women feel like finding their own home and living alone, which leads to divorce. Saeed said that since women started going to work, divorces have increased in Pakistan. ‘Wives say, I have to earn my own. I want to have my own family. But they don’t realize that this is a game, Saeed said.

In the video, the former Pakistan cricketer captain says that these kinds of problems are happening all over the world after women started going to work. ‘I have traveled to every corner of the world. What I have seen in Australia is that young people are all struggling. Families are all in a bad situation. All suitors are prone to fights. With all this, the country itself is heading towards a big crisis. All this is because they send their women to work for money, Saeed added.