Scientists want to shorten 1 minute to 59 seconds, as Earth’s spinning faster

Scientists want to shorten 1 Minute To 59 Seconds, as Earth's spinning faster

According to a report by The Telegraph, scientists are asking for reducing the minute by one second, making it last only 59 seconds. As per the data revealed by the scientists, the 24-hour daily rotation is decreasing considerably and reducing the time in our day.

According to time and date, (highlighted in a report by the New York Post) last Sunday only lasted 23 hours and 59 minutes and 59.9998927 seconds. However, researchers have discovered that this shortening has been going for some time now. Researchers have added ‘leap seconds’ 27 times in the past to compensate for the slowing rotation of Earth, with the last adjustment made in 2016. But now, the planet is rotating faster than usual which is why scientists are urging for the inclusion of a ‘negative leap second’ to bring a balance to time. They give an example of the shortest day in 2020 has beaten the shortest day in 2005 for 28 times and researchers have predicted that 2021 is going to be 19 milliseconds shorter than the average year, with an average daily deficit of 0.5 milliseconds.

To avoid such a conundrum, several national leaders have decided to ignore the leap second corrections and rely on using the trusty atomic clock. The ultimate decision on this will be left to the World Radiocommunication Conference in 2023.