Taliban stop exports, imports from India

The Taliban have stopped the movement of cargo through the transit routes of Pakistan, thereby stopping exports, imports from the country, the FIEO Director General said. The Federation of Indian Export Organisation (FIEO) on Wednesday said the Taliban. Taliban seized control of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul after over two decades again on Sunday, have stopped all imports and exports with India.

Dr Ajay Sahai, Director General of FIEO said, “we keep a close watch on developments in Afghanistan. Imports from there come through the transit route of Pakistan. As of now, the Taliban has stopped the movement of cargo to Pakistan, so virtually imports have stopped”. India has long-standing relations with Afghanistan, especially in trade and also has a large investment in Afghanistan. India has invested around $3 billion in Afghanistan and there are 400-odd projects in Afghanistan, some of which are currently going on in the country. India also has healthy relations with Afghanistan in trade. Currently, Indian export profile includes sugar, pharmaceuticals, apparel, tea, coffee, spices and transmission towers. “Imports are related and largely dependent on dry fruits. We also import a little gum and onions from them,” FIEO DG said. Despite the fast-evolving situation in Afghanistan, FIEO DG is hopeful and optimistic about trade relations with Afghanistan. “I am pretty sure over a period of time Afghanistan will also realise that economic development is the only way to move forward and they will continue with that kind of trade. I think the new regime will like to have political legitimacy and for that India’s role will become important for them also,” DG FIEO told.