Telangana locals dedicate a temple to Actor Sonu Sood

A temple has been built in honour of actor Sonu Sood in Maddur mandal of Telangana’s Siddipet district in Telangana on Sunday. Because of Sood’s relentless philanthropic work through the lockdown, villagers of Dubba Thanda refer to him as the ‘Real hero of India’. Recently, a bust of Sonu Sood, placed on a pedestal, was unveiled in the presence of its sculptor Madhusudhan Pal.

Sood helped thousands of stranded migrant workers reach their hometowns during the coronavirus-induced lockdown. Villagers put a tilak on the ‘idol’ and also performed aarti. A banner put up in the temple reads ‘Real hero of India Sonu Sood Temple’. Another small statue of Sonu Sood has been placed near the main bust, along with some photos of him. Sonu Sood, who has been receiving praise from various quarters, is overwhelmed by the gesture. He said in a statement, “This is an extremely overwhelming moment. But at the same time I don’t deserve this. I’m just a common man who helped his brothers and sisters.” Reacting to this Sonu Sood tweeted, “Don’t deserve this sir. Humbled”. Earlier this month, Sood had mortgaged his properties in Mumbai, including two shops and six flats, to raise Rs 10 crore to help the underprivileged, migrant workers and patients who suffer from serious diseases.