Sreenivasan Awarded Tapasya Madampi Prize for Outstanding Contributions to Cinema

Tapasya Madampi award goes to actor and screenwriter Sreenivasan. The award is in recognition of Srinivasan’s great contribution to Malayalam film literature. The award consists of Rs 25,000, a citation and a sculpture. The award will be presented at the Madampi commemoration in Thrissur in May.

Director Vijay Krishnan, Actor Ashokan, Tapasya State President Prof. The award was decided by a jury consisting of PG Haridas. Tapasya Madamp Smriti Award is an award given by Tapasya Kalasahitya Vedi in the name of former state president and writer Madampi Kunjikuttan.

Madampi Sankaran Namboothiri (23 June 1941 – 11 May 2021), popularly known as Madamp Kunjukuttan, was a famous Malayalam writer, screenwriter and actor. He was born in 1941 in a small village called Kiralur in Thrissur district.

He won the Kerala Sahitya Accademi Award for Best Novel in 1983 for his novel Maha Prashantam. He won the National Film Award for Best Screenplay in 2000 for writing the screenplay for the film Karunam directed by renowned Malayalam film director Jayaraj. The Tapasya Madamp Award is named after him