Mohanlal visited Kudajadri after 38 years, Ramanand shared pictures and travelogue with Mohanlal on social media

Mohanlal visited Kudajadri after 38 years. Mohanlal came to Kudajadri with writer R Ramanand and his team. Ramanand shared pictures and travelogue with Mohanlal on social media.

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After many years, one night at Kudajadri 38 years ago, Laletan climbed Kudajadri by holding the hand of Chanthukutty Swami, went to Chitramula and spent the night on top of the hill. When I was studying in 10th standard, I read Laletan’s travel experience with Chanthukutty Swami and it was an unforgettable travelogue in my life. Many times later I have walked from the Kudajadri valley itself and eaten putti and kada from the shop of Thankapan Chet, who was the son of Kudajadri. I will remember that experience of taking Chantukutty Swami Laletan on every trip.

This time I was lucky enough to get that experience quite by accident. An experience that cannot be described as anything other than the grace of Para. Mookambika Yatra is a trip where nothing was decided when we went on a trip together in Thiruvannamalai last month. We do not decide all journeys in the same way because it is decided from there. We wanted to go to Mukambika, mother said come and go, that’s it.

Together we reached Kollur on the afternoon of the 16th. Guru Sthaniyar, who is very advanced in the path of Sadhana, and his friends from Kollur were also waiting for us at Mastighat. A place in the forest where Mother sits like a wild beast, roaring and roaring in the forest. Alighting there, we prayerfully clasped hands in front of the keeper of the Amba forest and proceeded. Seeing the Garuda cave where Garuda or Suparna was doing penance, the roar of that sacred river which became Suparnika with Suparnana was ringing in his ears.

From there straight to Amma Guest House; Had food and rested for a while. The jeep is ready to go to Kudajadri. I took the things that fit in a hand bag and went to Kudajadri.. When the jeep came and stopped, everyone said, ‘Laletan, get in front’, except me. Because I have many times experienced his extraordinary humility during such journeys. When pressed again, he told them ‘I am your father’! Flash back: This answer was the rest of the many people gathered in awe talking about Pranav’s adventures while eating and so on.

Riding a jeep to the root of Ambika, shaking and shaking… Those who have been in a jeep know how difficult that journey is. But we didn’t even think about that journey until we reached the top from the bottom.. a journey full of forest, nature, Ambika and lots of jokes.. the top floor of Kudajadri where Prakriti Swari Kaula takes pujas. The presence of her eternal lover, Kalabhairava. A miracle of science, the stainless iron spike said to have been used by Amma to kill Mookasura, is a testament to our amazing metallurgy.

Malayalees and non-Malays alike are clamoring to recognize Laletan and take photos. As if alone in a crowd, he humbly hummed through them with his heart devoted to his mother. We started climbing up, left the beaten track and took the traditional route to Adri’s peak, Kotumkadu.

Chantukutty Swami said that I have been to this place. We walked towards the Agastya Theertha and could hear the sound of water flowing in the distance. He got lost many times in the forest. Nerem has started. Now it is difficult to see the way. Since it is a road no one takes, we cut the path of our friends who were ahead and followed it. At some places, I had to climb down by hanging on the vine and so on.

Difficult and uncertain moments. In between I asked what we will do if we go to this forest today? I once spent the night in the same forest on the same path.

Lalettan said, Come as it may, let us lie here, and on that journey he showed no dismay or concern at being lost in the storm. Finally Siddhayogaraja Srimad Agastyeswaran’s Divine Theertha came clear in front of us. He drank as much water as he could from it. Wash your face. Without thinking that there is still a long distance to walk in that tirtha place in the forest, all purpose is to sip the grace of Para for a while…

We all know that if we travel a little higher, Ganapati Guha is almost in this area, Laletan also says, refreshing his memory after 38 years. True, the cave of Ganesha is a little above. We went through the forest and climbed the hill to reach that divine place. Lighted the lamp, offered Avilmalar Nivedya, offered coconuts, worshiped Vigneshwar…up…

Left the traditional path and entered the path to Sarvjna Peetha..It started getting darker than usual. We were the only ones on that path as the visitors had to get down from the Sarvjna Peetha before six o’clock. The beauty of Sri Shankar shining in the evening light was visible in the distance.. As I gazed at the valley, a group of red clouds like white cotton pieces were gathered together. The moment when the prayer of becoming a bird that can fly in Chidakasha Seema is fulfilled even if it is not able to fly in the sky.

Sat there and took some pictures, the memories today are not just pictures. Daylight has almost completely set, it is now impossible to go down to Chitramula, the forest department has stopped the entry to Chitramula which is Siddharmula for some time. So it is known that the road untrodden will be difficult.

The Sarvajna Peetha looked like the head of Sree Shankara Perumal wearing a crescent moon with many stars. Adi Shankara meditated alone in the womb. We lit lamps and made offerings and offered incense. closed his eyes

The whistling wind travels with the soul that travels within without space or confinement like the infinite sound. The mind is still and pure in the presence of Sri Shankara Guru. Whenever we see each other and talk about Dasamahaavidyas, we both talk about her without hesitation. About the mother of this universe About Tara.. Two years ago we met Tara at Mayong, known as the crown of great magic, on our way from Kamakhya. Much has been said about her.

Both had prickly, torn, scratched spots on their bodies. I had seen one of Laleton’s fingers torn by a thorn and bleeding profusely. We drifted off to sleep before closing our eyes from the exhaustion of the arduous journey.

The next day he got up and went to the Chandika Homam. Subrahmanya Adiga, the Chief Archpriest of Mukambika Temple did all the necessary things, he and his father Narasimha Adiga made all the preparations for the Chandika Puja. We went in front of Mookambika to see the lamp; The moments when Amma gave darshan in blue dress and said Neeli and Tara without saying it, we winked at each other from both sides of the steps.

After Chandikahoma, Rishabhshetty, who amazed us with Kantara, came to see Laletan together with his wife, told many stories for a long time.. had food. rested

Madhu Thirtha where Amma’s lion vehicle is looking towards the storm, invoking the principle that Prakriti is Iswari, to look directly at Amma. From there to Shukla Tirtha to see Siddheswara, the Bhairavan of Mukambika. At Mastighat, he told his friends and teachers about his journey.

From there straight to Mangalore, the journeys do not end. The end of one journey is like the beginning of another journey.. As Sri Narayana Gurudeva said to the lucky ones who drank the milk of Para, these beautiful moments that seemed to be just a moment remain in the heart. Ramanand noted.