The face of the Palayam market will change, and RDS will be in charge of construction work!

The face of the Palayam market will change
The face of the Palayam market will change

The RDS company, which built the controversial Palarivattom bridge, will carry out the renovation of the 163-year-old Palayam Kannimera market in the heart of the capital. This is after the government and the Local Self Government Department gave permission for the RDS to take charge. Criticism had been leveled against them for handing over the Palayam market renovation due to construction defects in the Palarivattom bridge. However, the corporation decided to award the contract to them as RDS was the lowest bidder in the tender for the renovation. However, to avoid controversy, the corporation left the final decision to the local government and secured itself. The corporation is now relieved to have received the government’s approval.


Kannimera Market is being upgraded as part of the Smart City Thiruvananthapuram Limited project. The five-story building will be equipped with modern facilities. The first two floors will be completely set aside for vehicle parking. The other three floors are business establishments with an innovative design. The heritage wall and entrance in front of the market will remain the same. There will be roads from three sides to enter the market. There are 450 shops operating here. Construction is expected to begin in the first week of October.

The construction of modern facilities for
use in the construction of modern structures. During the market renovation, Trida’s site will be relocated with high-quality steel construction to accommodate the 450 stores there. These eco-friendly and long-lasting structures can be replaced in the future as needed.

The garbage in the market will disappear

Now it has decided to cover the waste collection pit in the market. Instead, a system will be set up to separate and treat bio-waste using inoculum.

Project Expenditure: 113 crores (out of Rs.

For rehabilitation: 12.7

For the construction of a new market: 61.05

Electricity, car parking, including 8.17
Construction Period: 18 months

When the market face shines

* Construction that retains the heritage gateway to the market

* Hi-tech fish market

* Huge freezer to keep unsold fish intact

* Mobile charging unit for each stall and pipe connection for vendors

* Effective waste treatment plant

* Multiple parking facilities for up to 500 cars