The forest is getting ready in Alappuzha … 3200 saplings of 100 species are being planted!

alappuzha tree afforestation

Alappuzha: Forests are being prepared in Alappuzha where there are no large forests. The Miyawaki system of afforestation is practiced in the urban areas of Alappuzha . The event is part of the Alappuzha Heritage Project. Miyawaki is creating forests with the aim of creating natural forest patterns in cities as well .

The forest is located on 20 cents of land adjacent to the Port Museum, part of the Alappuzha Heritage Project.Work on this is in progress. The ground was prepared and the saplings were planted. It should be maintained and nurtured for three years. 3200 saplings of 100 species are planted. Poovarash, Punna, Kudampuli, Mango, Ashoka, Plav, Al, Pera and Mahogany are the major crops grown. Naturally growing ones are mainly selected.

Trees will also be planted to create habitat for the birds. Trees and fruit trees are planted in a mixture of small flowers. The forest is being prepared by Nature’s Green Guardian Foundation and Invis Multimedia Culture Shop, under the auspices of the Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council. It is overseen by experts from the Department of Botany, University of Kerala, Palode Tropical Botanical Garden and the Kerala Forest Research Institute.