Chinese invasion, Ministry of Defense removes all reports from 2017

The Union Ministry of Defense has removed all monthly reports on Chinese encroachment on the border from 2017 on its website. The Defense Ministry had in August removed the June monthly report following controversy over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement on Chinese incursions. This was followed by the removal of all reports from 2017 onwards.It is also noteworthy that the reports of the incursion were removed at a time when the Congress was strongly criticizing the Chinese government for infiltrating Indian soil and establishing a foothold there.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had on Monday lashed out at the cowardly Prime Minister for saying that no one had invaded India’s land. Rahul had said that the Chinese army had captured 1,200 square kilometers and that China had not even dared to take a single step on Indian soil when the Congress government was in power.The national media reported that the Ministry of Defense has now removed the website, including reports from the time of the 2017 Doklam crisis. The defense ministry was not immediately available for comment. Senior officials say all previous reports will be back on the website later this month.

Chinese invasion

The aim is to codify the information received from various departments of the ministry and provide a more comprehensive report, officials said.The June report on the Chinese invasion was removed in August following controversy. “The Chinese incursion into the original Line of Control, especially the Galvan Valley, has been sharp since May 5,” the June report said. On May 17 and 18, China reportedly set up camp in Kugrang Nala, Gogra, and on the northern shores of Lake Pangong. The report was moved following controversy over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement that no one had entered India.