The government will pay the wedding expenses in Japan

A wedding is a celebration. There will be a huge amount of cash flow for that celebration as well. In that case, Japan has good news for those who do not want to get married. Learn more about the Japanese government’s new plan.

Not the amount is given by the government, but do you think there will be less? The Japanese government pays 600,000 yen in wedding expenses. That is Rs 4.20 lakh. The Japanese government has come up with such a plan because the younger generation in Japan is not interested in getting married. The government launched the project as a result of a study conducted by the National Institute of Population and Society Security Research in the country.

When they noticed that the birth rate in the country was very low, they realized that it was due to late marriages and people remaining unmarried. In that case, the government would have taken the initiative to get people married.

The first condition is that the age of the bride and groom should be below 40. In addition, their total income should be less than Rs 38 lakh. If you are below 35 years of age and your total income is less than Rs 33 lakh, you will get government wedding assistance of Rs 2.1 lakh. The project will start in April next year.

As of 2015, 29.1 percent of men and 17.8 percent of women between the ages of 25 and 34 were unmarried because they did not have enough money. The government expects the number of marriages to increase from next year under the government’s new plan, which could lead to an increase in the birth rate.