The quarantine for returnees has been extended to December 31st in Qatar

Quarantine in Quatar
Quarantine in Quatar

The requirement for quarantine for those returning to Qatar from foreign countries has been extended to December 31. This was reported by ‘Discover Qatar’. According to the Discover Qatar website, the quarantine requirement for all nationals, residents, and visa holders has been extended to December 31. Earlier, the quarantine was extended to those arriving in Qatar until October 31. With this, the hotel booking Discover for the months of November and December has been launched on the Qatar website.Government has locked up half of its quarantine centers

In December, more than 30 hotels, including three-star to five-star hotels, became available on the website. The seven-day hotel rates range from 1950 riyals to 6168 riyals. The package includes a flight from the airport to the hotel, a seven-day stay, and three meals a day.

Qataris, their companions, holders of permanent residence permits, and special visa holders are permitted to enter Qatar. Covid-19 People from low-risk countries need a seven-day home quarantine. Others, including Indians, have to go to the hotel quarantine for seven days at their own expense. Hotels must be booked through Discover Qatar. Do not book hotels until you have received an entry permit to Qatar. If hotels are not available when booked it should be noted that the maximum number for the day. Discover Qatar said it would look into availability for the next day.7 days quarantine required for passengers coming from abroad!

Apply for an entry permit through the Qatar Portal and check the availability of the aircraft upon receipt of the permit. The procedures for arriving in Qatar are quarantine package hotel booking and air ticket booking. Entry permits, hotel quarantine vouchers, and tickets are mandatory at the airport. Qatar Airways passengers are required to produce a Covid-19 negative certificate within 48 hours. Others are not required to undergo Covid testing in their home country.