India with Bheeshma-Rafale plan to dust off enemy

The Indian Army has come up with a strong defense and counter-attack plan to repel a provocative enemy on the border. The BR plan, which is being jointly planned by the Army and Air Force, is threatening both China and Pakistan. BR is an acronym for Bhishma-Rafale. General Bajwa’s statement by Pakistan’s military chief that India is planning an attack using Rafale warplanes is a clear indication of their concern.

Currently, the Indian Army is deploying high-powered Bhishma tanks at an altitude of 17,000 feet above sea level in eastern Ladakh. If China mounts an attack of any kind, the Bhishma tanks will be a heavy blow. While their T-63 and T-99 tanks are a relief to China, their high-altitude and smooth-running Russian-made T-90 and T-72 tanks make it impossible for China to withstand high-altitude fireballs.

The seventh round of talks between India and China on reducing troop deployment on the border took place yesterday. Just before the start of the talks, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh announced India’s uncompromising stance. He said that India clearly understands the actions of some with certain specific goals in mind, which can be interpreted as a strong warning to China and Pakistan.

Rafale fighter jets continue to closely monitor the border to ensure that China does not waste time retaliating if it tries to overcome the current situation on the Line of Control. Defense experts point out that if China were to step in to challenge India’s Bhishma-Rafale deployment in any way, it would be tantamount to digging its own pit.