Transwomen make history – by contesting in the local body polls in Kerala

EC to implement ETPBS next year

Two transwomen filed their nominations for local body polls in Kannur and Ernakulam in Kerala. Sherin Antony and Sneha K will contest in the local body polls next month. K Sneha, a transgender person, is all set to contest as an independent candidate from ward 36 of the Kannur Corporation and Sherin from Ernakulam. On Monday, the two transwomen filed their nominations and have received a good amount of support from the people in the districts they are contesting in.

Sherin said that the transgender community is one disenfranchised group that has been subject to ridicule and neglect. The governments in the past has not done anything to address the issues faced by the transgender community or uplift them. Transwomen, till now is a rare sight in politics. The two are now contesting the elections to challenge this continued neglect. Sherin is the state president of the Democratic Transgenders Federation of Kerala, backed by CPM. An eighth standard dropout, Sherin was part of the housekeeping staff at Kochi Metro Rail Limited for two years. Her election manifesto includes civic and developmental related issues, in particular, the issue of waterlogging in the district.

Sneha also reiterated the need for transwomen to step into mainstream politics as the prominent parties till now has failed in solving problems of common people. With the entry of both the candidates into politics, brings hope to the transgender community to come to the forefront of mainstream politics.