Twitter suspends account sharing Trump’s posts

Twitter has suspended an account sharing posts from former US president Donald Trump’s new communications platform. The account claimed to be tweeting “on behalf” of Mr Trump. A spokesperson for the company said the account, @DJTDesk, violated the ban evasion policy by sharing content “affiliated with a suspended account.” But the BBC found similar accounts still active on the social media platform.

Mr Trump was permanently banned from Twitter in January after he voiced support for rioters who stormed the US Capitol. He launched his own communications platform – titled “From the Desk of Donald J Trump” – on Tuesday. According to NBC News, the bio for the @DJTDesk account read: “Posts copied from Save America on behalf of the 45th POTUS; Originally composed via DonaldJTrump/Desk”. Twitter says that although it does allow accounts to share content from Mr Trump’s new website, it won’t allow an individual to “circumvent” a ban. Those “evasion” rules can include “having someone else operate on your behalf, an account which represents your identity, persona, brand or business persona for a different purpose.” The BBC flagged four accounts with similar bios that were also sharing content from Mr Trump’s new platform. Twitter did not respond when asked what would happen to these accounts.