US and UK send troops to help evacuate embassies in Afghanistan

The US and UK will send troops to help evacuate staff from their embassies in Kabul as the Taliban continued its rout of provincial capitals in Afghanistan following Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw American troops. This came amid a hectic round of discussions among countries neighbouring Afghanistan who met in separate meetings in Doha this week to persuade Afghan government representatives and the Taliban to sit down for talks that would attempt to bring about peace in the war torn country.

The talks held in Doha on Thursday was attended by representatives of Germany, India, Norway, Qatar, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United States and the United Nations concluded with a statement that said foreign capitals would not recognise any government in Afghanistan “imposed through the use of military force.” The Pentagon said it would send 3,000 troops in the next 24-48 hours, including aircraft that could fly personnel out of the Afghan capital, and a back-up brigade of 3,500 soldiers to Kuwait in case the security situation deteriorates further. The UK Government has announced to send about 600 UK troops are to Afghanistan to assist British nationals to leave. According to news reports from Afghanistan, the Taliban have taken control of about two-thirds of the country. Taliban fighters have pressed offensives across Afghanistan that have overrun about a dozen provincial capitals with US intelligence predicting that Kabul could be captured in 90 days. The last of the US led international forces are set to leave Afghanistan by the end of this month.