Vijay Sethupathi cutting his birthday cake became a controversial topic among netizens

Actor Vijay Sethupathi apologises for cutting his birthday cake with a sword

Actor Vijay Sethupathi has apologised for a viral picture that showed him cutting his birthday cake with a sword. The photo was circulated widely on social media earlier this week. Vijay had a small birthday celebration on the sets of his upcoming film with director Ponram. The picture from the celebrations went viral on social media and became a controversial topic among netizens.

“I thank all the film personalities and fans who wished me on my birthday. Three days ago, a photo taken during my birthday has emerged to be controversial. In the picture, I used a sword to cut my cake. It was only because I’m acting in director Ponram’s film, in which the sword plays an important role. Since I celebrated my birthday with the team, I used the sword to cut my cake. Everyone has pointed out to me that this could set a bad example to others and I promise to be careful henceforth. If I hurt anyone with my actions, I apologise and regret it deeply,” read the actor’s statement obtained by The Hindu. In the past, the Chennai police have arrested local goons for cutting a cake with a sword. Pointing out the incident, netizens said that what Vijay did was an offence and hence he should be arrested.