World Chocolate Day 2021

World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day is observed and celebrated every year on 7 July across the world. The day is a global celebration where people gorge and indulge into their favourite chocolate. Apart from eating, people also gift their loved ones their favourite chocolates. The occasion is also known as International Chocolate Day.

There are various types of chocolates that also have many health benefits apart from being incredibly tasty. As per reports, the first World Chocolate Day was celebrated in the year 2009. According to legends, World Chocolate Day commemorates chocolate’s introduction to Europe in 1550. Before that, chocolate was available only in specific countries and regions including Mexico and Central America. After being discovered by foreign invaders, chocolate travelled to many countries and became a favourite of its consumers. Chocolates have this unique, almost magical ability to give you happiness with their delightful tastes. There’s hardly any momentous occasion that seems complete without chocolates. They simply heighten the happiness quotient, put a smile across people of almost all age groups. There are so many ways we can relish these yummy chocolates and make any special occasion unique and enjoyable.