100 days of Pinarayi led Kerala Government

The second Pinarayi Vijayan-led Kerala government has completed 100 days in power. The new term started with the aim to complete the projects commenced in the previous term and to implement new schemes.

As the state government completes 100 days in office, Pinarayi said the Left government getting a historic second term indicates continuity of the process begun in 2016 to create a new Kerala. The state government has taken up the responsibility of building a developed, sustainable and inclusive new Kerala, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. The 100-day action plan of the new government was declared on June 11. The 141 schemes were formulated in 30 departments. The 100th day of the plans plans falls on September 19, but there have not been any considerable developments this time. The Chief Minister conducted a review of the schemes on Thursday. The government plans to shape new Kerala into a modern society, based on knowledge economy. Setting the foundation for the same, the Left government had in its previous tenure declared Internet as a Citizen’s Right. The state is moving ahead with a slew of infrastructure projects that would change the face of Kerala, in addition to providing digital education for students. But the spread of Covid and the economic impact that it brought forth are tormenting the government.

For the past several weeks, Kerala has been contributing more than half of the daily Covid cases in the country, prompting the Union government to depute delegations of experts to the state. Opposition UDF, which observed a studied silence in the initial days, has stepped up the attack against the Left government’s Covid management strategy as there is no reprieve from the situation.