Accident in Kochi Smart City during construction, One dead, Many injured

Kochi: Accident in Kochi Smart City. One person was seriously injured and died. Uttam, a native of Bihar, died. Many foreign workers were injured. They were admitted to the hospital. The accident occurred when the iron ladder collapsed. Uttam was seriously injured in the accident. The preliminary information is that the cause of the accident is the loss of strength due to the ladder.

The accident happened at 10 o’clock this morning. Non-state workers were working here. Uttam was seriously injured in the accident but was admitted to the hospital but could not be saved. Five people who were injured in the accident are undergoing treatment in the hospital. Their condition is not serious. The worker trapped in the building was also rescued. Scaffold (temporary ladder) was built for painting works. About ten people were working on this ladder. After the accident, two people were rescued by the people who were with them. The rest were rescued by the fire brigade, police and other personnel.