Perumbavoor Jisha murder case; Government’s petition seeking permission for Amirul Islam’s death penalty will be verdict on Monday

Kochi: The government will pronounce its verdict on the application filed by the government seeking permission to execute Amirul Islam, who was convicted in the Perumbavoor Jisha murder case. The appeal filed by the accused seeking acquittal will also be decided on that day. The trial court in Kochi earlier sentenced Amirul Islam to death.

On April 28, 2016, a young woman named Jisha, who lives on the outskirts of the canal at Iringol in Perumbavoor, was brutally murdered. Jisha was a law student. After weeks of investigation, Amirul Islam, a native of Assam, was arrested on June 16, 2016.

After a months-long trial, Amirul Islam was sentenced to death by the trial court in Kochi. Amirul Islam filed an appeal in the High Court against this verdict. Amirul Islam has put forward the arguments in the appeal that he is not the accused, the evidence against him was fabricated by the police, the police fabricated scientific evidence after arresting him, someone else committed the murder, and he had no prior knowledge of Jisha.

The court will hear this appeal first on Monday. As per the present law, if the trial court passes death sentence, it requires the approval of the High Court. According to this, the application filed by the State Government will be considered after the appeal of the respondent.