Actor Vijay requests fans not to join political party registered by his father

Tamil Actor Vijay’s political entry are making headlines again. A news broke out that a social welfare organisation, associated with Vijay, is registered with the Election Commission. The new party is registered in the name of Vijay’s Fans Association, ‘All India Dalapati Makkal Iyakam’. Vijay’s father SA Chandrasekhar filed the application with the Election Commission. It started a big discussion on social media and within minutes Vijay’s office came up with a response. The office said Vijay had no connection with the new party. As soon as this report hit social media platforms, speculations about Vijay’s entry into politics started doing the rounds. Actor Vijay rejected reports of his foray into politics. Vijay, in a statement, said that he will not have any connection with the political party. He also urged his fans not to join the party because of his father, and warned of strict action if his name or photograph was used for any political agenda. The office said that Vijay came to know about the new party registration through the media and that the new party has nothing to do with him. His office said in a statement that Vijay would take “severe action” against those who misused his name, image or fan association.

Meanwhile, Vijay’s father, Chandrasekhar came out with a response after the news of the party registration in the name of the fan club. SA Chandrasekhar’s response was that this was not Vijay’s political party and he could not say whether Vijay would enter electoral politics. “A lot of young people working in the Fans Association are doing a lot of good things in the name of Vijay. I felt they deserved recognition. That’s why this move,” he told. SA Chandrasekhar, who has made himself general secretary and his wife Sobha treasurer, has applied for new party registration with the Election Commission.