All the three bills are aimed at improving the agricultural sector, PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi hit back strongly, making the central government has sent the wrong campaign for the agricultural reform bill in the parliament. The bills are historic. “We are giving full protection to the farmers,” Modi said, launching several rail projects in Bihar.


The practice of imposing support prices on agricultural crops and collecting produce by the government at that price will remain unchanged. Modi said. At present, a large portion of the income due to farmers is carried by middlemen. This will end when the new bills become law. The central government has introduced a bill to protect the interests of farmers. They will provide protection to the farmers, Modi said in the presence of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Some parties have succumbed to the influence of the left and are spreading propaganda against the bills. Some of the parties that have ruled the country for decades are behind the false propaganda. They are trying to mislead the farmers. All the amendments mentioned in the bills brought by the government are what these parties have mentioned in their old election manifestos. They are opposed when the NDA implements it.Self-sufficiency in minivan is essential for achieving the goal of India - PM Modi

There is a rumor that the support price will be withdrawn. A new support price scheme has been prepared for the farmers. The new bills will empower farmers to sell their products anywhere in the world. Government bills provide for this right, which has hitherto been denied to farmers. It gives new freedom to farmers in agriculture, he said. All three bills were passed by the Lok Sabha. A bill is for agricultural market reform. Another is the bill, which contains provisions for contract farming. The third is the amendment of the Essential Commodities Act.