Covid patient dies after being beaten by hospital staff!

 A COVID patient died after being beaten by hospital staff in Gujarat. The deceased was identified as Prabhakar Patil, 38. Prabhakar’s brother Vilas Patil came to the scene blaming the hospital authorities for his death. The footage of Prabhakar Patil being beaten by hospital staff at the Rajkot Government Hospital went viral on social media.

Prabhakar was admitted to a private hospital 12 days ago due to kidney problems. Kovid later confirmed to him at the hospital. He was admitted to Rajkot Civil Hospital on September 8 for treatment.

Meanwhile, a video of him being beaten by the hospital’s nursing staff and security personnel went viral on social media. However, the hospital officials explained that the patient was behaving in a mentally deranged manner.

His brother alleges that Prabhakar Patil died on September 12 at the hospital and that he was earlier brutally beaten by hospital staff. It is alleged that despite the death of the patient due to COVID, the hospital authorities handed over the body and cremated the body in accordance with COVID standards. The incident sparked huge protests in Gujarat and on social media.