Amala Paul is celebrating her pregnancy period with her beloved

Amala Paul is celebrating her pregnancy with her beloved. Social media is now taking over the video shared by Amala kissing Jagat. Amala is currently in her favorite moments. Fans have been celebrating every detail that Amala has been sharing since her pregnancy.

Amala shares with her fans that she will get married in November 2023. It was a very private ceremony at the Bolgatti Palace in Kochi. Amala was accompanied by only her dearest people on her wedding day. But the actor shared all the pictures of this.

Amala married to Jagat Desai. This decision of the star has caused many controversies in the social media and in the film industry. Amala got married again after eight years of separation from her first marriage. Still, there were very bad comments against the actor on social media.

At all these stages, Amala kept her haters completely aside. Every mother wants her pregnancy to be the best. Amala is implementing this. Amala shares each stage of pregnancy through pictures. It can be understood from those pictures that the closeness of the world is essential in all these. The actor is also telling his fans how happy he is in every moment.