K P Yohannan likely to get arrested for money laundering of Rs 6000 crores

K P Yohannan trying to close the money laundering case by paying fine

K P Yohannan, Bishop of Believers Church or officials in the Believers Church in Kerala were unable to provide legal source to the Income Tax Department about the money seized. This is the biggest counterfeit money raid conducted after Modi government came into power. Now, CBI also is in the process of launching a detailed probe into the activities of Believers Church after Income Tax department unearthed massive unaccounted money transactions carried out by different trusts under the Church. The IT Department has said that the group belonging to the evangelist routed unaccounted money through organisations which remained only on paper. The IT Department seized around Rs 14.5 crore illicit money from the Believers Church and from different trusts under the church. The evidence found so far indicate that the siphoning of funds in cash may run into several hundred crore. A detailed investigation is on to unearth more shady deals carried out by the group. Regarding this, the probe team has asked explanations to Ajith kumar, CEO, Mangalam TV and other account holders. Simultaneous raid was conducted in the Mangalam TV also. Owners of Believers Church, Mangalam TV and 63 other account holders are advised to appear before the Director General of Income Tax Office in Kochi.

Now, Believers Church followers, under the banner of ‘Believers Eastern Church Save Forum’ raised protests against the group of persons, especially against Fr Sijo Pandapallil, who were managing the finances and day-to-day activities of the Church. They have raised complaints against those who have totally hijacked the functioning of the Church and been managing things as per their personal interests. Fr Sijo was a CPM activist and a former SFI leader earlier in Kannur. He met K P Yohannan in Calcutta and without any theological education, he became a priest. Fr Sijo has got strong connections with the communist party leaders in Kerala. He used to intervene in the party activities and played a major role in the return of E P Jayarajan, the Industries Minister, to the ministry. It is rumored that Fr Sijo has got large investments in his hometown Kannur, and has got benami investment in the film industry also.