BTS stars join ARMY around the world to wish the singer a #HappyHobiDay

BTS member J-Hope celebrates his birthday on February 18 and #HappyBirthdayHoseok started trending on Twitter from midnight. The rapper rang in his birthday with fans via VLive and YouTube. Meanwhile, co-members RM, Jin and Suga shared their birthday wishes for him on Twitter.

Jung Ho-seok or J-Hope is known as Sunshine. His infectious energy and sunny disposition earned him the nickname Sunshine. He is the first member of the boy band to enter the Billboard Hot 100 with Chicken Noodle Soup. Born in Gwangju, J-Hope was already known in South Korea as he won many dance competitions. He is known for his rapping skills as well. With his rapping talents, skillful performance and his happy-go-lucky personality, J-hope enjoys a dedicated fandom of his own. His birthday is being celebrated all over. J-Hope is one of the cutest in the boy band and loved by girls all over the globe. At the stroke of midnight, BTS members decided to wish the young star.

Hours before the clock struck 12, the rapper announced he would be hosting a live session to interact with the fans in the moments leading up to his birthday. He rang in his birthday on V Live, a South Korean video streaming service, which crashed during the session due to viewer overload.