Canada’s iconic Niagara Falls lights up in Tricolour in solidarity with India during pandemic crisis

Canada's iconic Niagara Falls lights up in Tricolour in solidarity with India during Covid-19 crisis

The Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada, touted as one of the Natural Wonders of the World, is an iconic landmark in Canada, illuminated with the Indian tricolour in solidarity with the country amid the massive increase in Covid-19 cases. India recorded over 4 lakh cases for the first time in a new global record in the last 24 hours. The waterfall was lit up in saffron, white and green— the colours of the Indian flag from 9.30pm-10pm(local time).

Earlier in the day, Niagara Parks also took to their Twitter handle to announce about their move and used the hashtag #StayStrongIndia. “India is currently facing a surge in cases and losses of life resulting from Covid-19. In a display of solidarity and hope for India, Niagara Falls will be illuminated tonight from 9:30 to 10pm in orange, white and green, the colours of the flag of India. #StayStrongIndia,” Niagara Parks had said in a post on Wednesday. Many took to the microblogging site, appreciating the gesture and thanking the authorities. Niagara Parks is Ontario’s only 56km outdoor adventure museum from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie. Previously, the iconic Canadian landmark was shining bright in the colours of the Indian flag on the eve of the 74th Independence Day in August last year.

Three days ago, Burj Khalifa, one of the world’s tallest buildings, had also displayed Tricolour lights to show solidarity with India’s fight against the unprecedented Covid-19 situation.