Congress leader Bindukrishna says Mukesh, who has lost public trust, should resign as MLA

Kollam: Congress leader Bindukrishna has demanded that Mukesh, who has lost the confidence of the people, should resign from the post of MLA, trailing in 155 booths out of 164 in the Kollam constituency.23792 votes behind and the total was going. In only 9 seats, he was leading by a narrow margin. Bindu Krishna pointed out that out of 31 booths, it was relegated to the 3rd position.

These numbers prove that the people of Kollam constituency have lost faith in Mukesh MLA. Bindukrishna demanded that Mukesh, who had lost his hand in the democratic process, should realize the will of the people and set an example by resigning as MLA. Bindukrishna also said that the MLA should realize the fact that Mukesh got only 36618 votes.