Court order to check the content of the popular show Bigg Boss, will have to stop airing if the rules have been violated

High Court orders to probe the content of popular reality show Bigg Boss Malayalam. It should be checked whether the broadcasting rules have been violated. The court directed the Union Ministry of Information and Communications. The court order was on a petition filed by a lawyer from Ernakulam.

If there is a violation of the rules, the Center can also direct the program to be stopped. The High Court has given instructions to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting regarding the broadcast of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6. Action will be taken if there is any illegality in the show.

High Court lawyer Adarsh ​​S approached the court with the petition. The program will be checked for illegality including physical harm. Justices A Muhammad Mustaq and JM A Abdul Hakim made it clear that if a violation is found, the program can be stopped.

The Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995 prohibits the broadcasting of content that offends the dignity of an individual. The petitioner also pointed out that such programs will have a big impact on the society. The demand of the petitioner is that the program should be stopped immediately if it is noticed that there is any violation of the law.