Modi’s guarantee of 5 lakh jobs is important; Shobhana

Thiruvananthapuram: Actress Shobhana says Modi’s guarantee of employment to five lakh people is important. She was speaking at the election platform attended by the Prime Minister in Kattakada.

Over the years, well-educated people have been going abroad. Why so many people, that too especially from Kerala. Like group travel. Many impossible things have become possible under Modiji’s leadership. Modi continues to be the captain in the second innings as well is proof of that. Now it’s time for the third innings. Skill development, if guarantee that even those who have passed Plus Two will get jobs in five years. Project for fishermen community in Thiruvananthapuram. Many people are unable to go to work due to rough seas. So it is a project to build a sea wall. Shobhana said that Thiruvananthapuram is a good place for health tourism.