Cyber attack on K K Shailaja,KK Rema says iam with the teacher

Vadakara MLA KK Rema said cyber attack on LDF candidate in Vadakara is unacceptable. KK Rema also pointed out that sexual abuse by faceless people is not the first experience. KK Rema pointed out that the matter has been complained to the cyber cell several times and no factual investigation has been done in the complaint. Complaints are pending. KK Rema blamed the police for the LDF candidate having to say this.

The Vadakara MLA stated that the party does not need to look at false propaganda and will not protect anyone. KK Rema asked why the police hesitated to take action. KK Rema pointed out P Jayarajan’s profanity-laced FB post and accused the leaders of making bad remarks. KK Rema said that he will file a complaint with the police and the Election Commission against P Jayarajan’s ‘Vennapali’ remark.

KK Rema asked whether an FIR should be filed against those who posted the sexual video and what is the obstacle to find those who posted it in the family group. The current FIR is part of the planning for something else. An attempt is made to return it through discussion. KK Rema also pointed out that what he saw in the press conference of KK Shailaja was the failure of the Home Department.

The district secretary of CPIM said that the abuse was happening 20 days ago. Still the police did not take any action. There must be action from whoever’s side. KK Rema pointed out that the mention of cyber attack under the leadership of Shafi Parambilin was absurd and asked if there were any such remarks from the side of any leaders. Shafi Parambil is behind the cyber attack. Cyber ​​attack is a failure of Home Department. KK Rema also demanded that KK Shailaja stop spreading lies.