English media personality Katie Price meets car accident in Sussex

English media personality Katie Price recently met an accident on September 28 near her home in Sussex. As per The Sun, the 43-year-old media personality was rushed to the hospital after the single-car crash. Katie Price, who was already serving a driving ban, was also charged under drink and drive case.

According to The Sun, the accident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Since reports of the crash broke, Katie’s family have released a statement on her Instagram page. “As a family we have for some time been concerned about Kate’s wellbeing and overall mental health,” the statement read. “Today our worst fears nearly came true. As a family we have been and will continue to help Kate get the help she needs. “We hope that she will realise that she cannot battle her issues alone.” They urged fans to send positive messages of support. Price is not believed to have been seriously injured in the incident in West Sussex, but The Sun published photos of a car on its side. The reported crash came a day after Price spoke about her difficulty visiting her son Harvey, who is disabled and studying at a residential college, because she was unable to drive. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Katie shared that she is currently serving a driving ban until December, hindering her ability to visit Harvey, 19, who is studying at a residential college.

Appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Monday, she said: “Harvey’s in Cheltenham now, he keeps ringing me saying, ‘Mummy I miss you, I need your kisses and cuddles’, so it is quite hard. “Obviously I don’t get my licence back until December, so I can’t just whizz in the car down there and it’s not close.” In the past 10 years, Katie has previously been banned from driving at least six times.