Former Afghan President Ghani’s Facebook page hacked, hacker asks world to legitimise Taliban govt

The official Facebook page of former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani has been hacked. He confirmed via a tweet that somebody had gained unauthorised access to his Facebook account. This happened minutes after a call for recognition of Taliban’s interim government was published on the page. “Ghani’s official Facebook account hacked,” the tweet on the former president’s account read. It was further stated that not all content published on this page is valid until the page is retrieved.

He said that after being hacked, he rejects every post written on Facebook. Until and unless this page is under my control, any post written on it is not legal. On the other hand, unknown hackers have written a post from Ashraf Ghani’s Facebook profile page, urging the international community to recognize the Taliban government. Ashraf Ghani, along with his top ministers, had fled Afghanistan on the day the Taliban marched into Kabul and took control of it on August 15 of this year. Meanwhile, the Taliban have been vying for international recognition. Recently, the group claimed the right to represent Afghanistan in the United Nations General Assembly. However, most countries have remained skeptical and are yet to recognise the Taliban government in Afghanistan.