Google suspends new postings of President Trump’s vidoes on Youtube

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Google announced late Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s YouTube page has been temporarily suspended, joining a long list of social media platforms that has temporarily or permanently barred the president from posting.

Google said that Trump’s account was issued a strike on Tuesday, and that he will be prohibited from uploading new content for at least seven days. YouTube will also indefinitely disable comments on Trump’s channel “given the ongoing concerns about violence,” the company said. The ban to Trump’s YouTube page comes amid pressure from the civil rights groups and they threatened a national boycott if YouTube does not remove the channel, which has 2.77 million subscribers. Last week, Twitter and Facebook both announced they have banned Trump from using their platforms. Also, the far-right social media platform Parler has been essentially knocked off the internet as its web host Amazon dropped the platform over concerns that unmoderated posts were inciting violence, an accusation Parler denies.

The announcement comes as officials are expressing concerns that attacks are being plotted throughout the US this weekend at local and state government buildings. The suspension is the latest by one of the nation’s leading social media platforms which have removed nearly all of the president’s online megaphones that allowed him to directly reach Americans.