Gopi Sundar celebrates Vishu with singer Adwaitha

Music director and singer Gopi Sundar is always a star on social media. Gopi Sundar’s personal life is always discussed more than the songs she has sung in recent times. After marriage, Gopi, who has been living together twice, has been in the news several times.

Gopi Sundar is currently celebrating Vishu with singer Adwaitha Padmakumar. Adwaitha posted the scene of traveling with Gopi on Vishu day. Gopi is a regular face of backlash in the social media space. The comment box is off on the pictures posted by Adwaitha.

Singer Abhaya Hiranmayi and Gopi Sundar had a long love and living together relationship. Both of them have confirmed this. But they parted ways without specifying the reason. After Abhaya Hiranmayi, Gopi Sundar was in a relationship with singer Amrita Suresh for a year. This relationship also ended with time. Both of them unfollowed each other on Instagram and it was confirmed that they broke up. Later he posted a picture with Amrita and both followed each other again but now Gopi Sundar is not among Amrita Suresh’s followers. But Gopi still follows Amrita on Instagram. After Amrita Suresh, Gopi appeared in films with actress Priya Nair, who has an Instagram account called Mayoni. The news is that they are in love because they wished Priya Gopi on her birthday