The killer of Indian citizen Sarabjit Singh was shot dead in Lahore

Lahore: Pakistani underworld criminal Amir Sarfaraz was shot and killed in Lahore by unknown persons who killed Sarabjit Singh who was jailed in Pakistan on charges of espionage.Aamir Sarfaraz is a wanted underworld criminal in Pakistan. Sarabjit was killed in Lahore Jail in 2013. It is said that underworld criminal Sarfaraz and a fellow inmate brutally assaulted him. He was admitted to the intensive care unit of Jinnah Hospital, Lahore in May 2013 with severe head injuries after being attacked with a knife and sharp weapons. He died of a heart attack five days later.

Sarabjit, a native of Punjab, was arrested in 1990 by Pakistani authorities on charges of espionage and involvement in bomb blasts. India and Sarabjit’s relatives have denied Pakistan’s allegation. He was sentenced to death and had to spend a long time in a Pakistani jail and was killed in 2013. His death sentence led to widespread protests in India.