Karipur Air India Express Crash | Health Minister instructs participants in Karipur rescue operation to stay in quarantine

Health Minister KK Shailaja Teacher said that those who took part in the rescue operation in connection with the Karipur plane crash in the Covid situation should change their self-monitoring. Control cell numbers 0483-2733251,3252,3253, 2737857.

As a precautionary measure, the locals who carried out the rescue operation have been directed to change their observation. The test results of the injured passengers are coming. Kondotty is in the Covid Cantonment Zone.


Health Minister KK Shailaja said the Covid facility would be made available to those involved in the rescue operation. The Minister thanked the locals for their concerted efforts and rescue efforts. At the same time, the minister directed all those who came to the rescue in the vicinity of the airport, which is a zone, to be vigilant for their own safety and security of the country.

Air India Express flight AXB 1344B737 carrying 190 passengers from Dubai crashed at 7.45 pm on Friday as part of the Vande Bharat mission. Hundreds of people came to the rescue within minutes of the accident. In addition, many people came to various hospitals to donate blood.