How relief camps were set up during the Covid period

 The guidance of the health department is aimed at carrying out relief work in a manner that does not affect the Covid defense. Action plans have been formulated for the treatment of flood victims and for effective control of post-flood epidemics.

The Department of Health’s action plan focuses on short- and long-term issues such as the treatment of the injured and the physical and mental health of survivors. Institutions located in areas prone to floods and landslides during the last floods will prepare a list and move medical records, medicines and equipment to a safe place.

Alternative sites for temporary hospitals will be found. There are two types of camps and two types of relief camps will be set up for those affected and those not. Adjustments can also be made to maintain social distance.

Special camps will be set up for people between the ages of 18 and 50 who do not have other illnesses. Mask use will be mandatory in these areas. All camps will have two check-ups a day to see if there are any symptoms. Those who show symptoms will be transferred to Covid First Line Treatment Centers.