Latin Church strongly criticized the Idukki Diocese for screening The Kerala Story

The Latin Church strongly criticized the Idukki Diocese that screened The Kerala Story. The criticism has been raised through Jeevanadam, the mouthpiece of the church. The mouthpiece criticizes that the Idukki diocesan authorities are scratching their heads over fire, and that when those who do not know what the Christian tradition in Kerala comes as churchgoers, they feel that the school of thought is bigger than the Bible.

It is the time when Satan steps up and break dances where the angels hesitate. The mouthpiece asks why love is propagated as a trap. All this time, Christians have lived without hatred or animosity towards their fellow religions, Idukki Diocese is implementing the Sangh Parivar agenda to make Christians anti-Muslim. The mouthpiece also states that no one should act as an ax to execute the strategy of the Parivar think tank during elections.