Suresh Pillai attended Lena and Prasanth Nair wedding

Last day, the news of Prasanth Balakrishnan Nair, the Malayalee star of Gaganyan with actress Lena, hit the social media. Meanwhile, Lena and Prasanth Nair’s marriage is creating waves on social media as chef Suresh Pillai also shared a picture of them attending the wedding.

My two favorate friends! Attended a simple and beautiful wedding in Bengaluru with closest family friends! Best wishes to both of them”. Suresh Pillai wrote on the social media Facebook. Suresh has also shared a photo of them standing together on their wedding day.

Yesterday Lena shocked the Malayalees and revealed that Lena is married and the groom is Prasanth Nair. The actress got married to Prasanth Nair on January 17. The actor also revealed yesterday that he waited to release this information after the Prime Minister announced the astronauts.